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Let me tell you about myself and my 'why'.

Hi, thanks for stopping and checking out my blog!

I read on some other blog (probable blog about blogging) that the first article on your blog should be the blogger introduction. So, I thought I will take that advice into an account and actually write my first article on this blog about...myself. Well, it will not be just entirely about myself, I will not be able to give you all the details. But I think it will be nice to introduce myself, tell you more about this website and also about my WHY. Which is the most important part, I think.


So, Hi again! My name is Silvie. Silvie Makovcova. Go on, give it a go, try to pronounce it. It actually is not that difficult as it might seem. I am from the Czech Republic which is a tiny little country in the centre of Europe, but my husband and I moved out of there in 2017 and now we live in the UK.

Our move to the UK has been a significant step in our life to be fair. We have completely changed our habits here, we have transformed our lifestyle and found happiness in things we never thought of before. Which slowly lead to where I am now - sitting on our sofa and writing this. To somehow mark the significance to you, my dear reader, I will draw out the way we lived before and the way we live now. And when I finish, I am sure it will be the right time to tell you more about my plans with Coaching with Silvie.


The way we lived before

Right, how to say it mildly. I was never that active child. Never. I was constantly skipping PE, I did hardly any collective sports (if we do not count few months of dancing), I was always that lazy and very comfortable child and teenager.

I always loved food but probably because I had to help in my mum's business a lot, I actually never gained too much weight. On the other hand, my husband was that active child and teenager.

He did athletics for years, he was absolutely smashing it but unfortunately, children sometimes overtrain, and his knees gave up on him very soon, so he had to have an operation and had to stop with athletics. However, it's difficult to teach an active child not to be active so he naturally stayed active anyway and managed to casually play some easier sports.

When we got together, we became very lazy. Well, I already was very lazy, but I took him to the dark side there. We partied a lot, we had loads of takeaway dinners and restaurants dates, we spent the whole weekend watching the telly, eating, and doing nothing. I guess you can imagine how we looked after a while. And most importantly how absolutely rubbish we felt after a while. So, we tried to change it and eventually created some habits for some time, but it never lasted long enough. We tried gym for a few months, running, swimming, we tried some hiking and yeah, we really enjoyed the movement but once we got home and there was food in the fridge, we would eat it and we would not look at our nutrition from a different perspective. Because we did not want to, because this was what we were used to and was comfortable. Because it is hard to say 'no, thanks' to your mum's cake or your father-in-law's amazing BBQ. The majority of the food we ate was highly processed, low quality, very poor on micronutrients. And low-quality nutrition and very sedentary and inactive way of life will catch up on you very soon. I was constantly tired even though I was actually not doing much at all!

How little we knew how much this is going to change.


The new way

We have come a long way since then. Now I can't imagine being that lazy as I was before. Not because it is a bad thing. Being lazy is sometimes what you really need. But there is a huge difference between resting and relaxing, while in long term you are active, and between being continuously lazy for years and not feeling well at all.

We are now regular gym visitors for a few years. I fell in love with lifting and the badass feeling after each session. I enjoy analysing my training, thinking about the whole training session and planning my gym goals. It is not just about lifting the weight from the ground at all. There is so much more behind each training, and I must agree with all my heart that once you start seeing the results, it will become an obsession. We fell in love with nature, the countryside and love hiking. I could not believe how beautiful nature is in the UK. I am happiest when we can spend the whole weekend hiking, wild camping and enjoying the views. What started as short trips now turned out to long-distance hiking and we highly enjoy all sorts of hiking challenges.

We have also changed our diet and the way we see food. Food can be an art. It nourishes your whole body and the choices you make in what you eat will affect your whole day, week, and life. I started to understand and learn more about calories, macronutrients, micronutrients, to read labels and concentrate more on the overall ingredients in my nutrition. I realized there are choices I don't want to take and that there are better decisions that can overall help me with how I feel. And let me tell you, the process, the realization, and the practice are my very favourite part of the journey and the never-ending part of self-education.

But it did not happen overnight. There are those little steps that are creating our whole journey. And the journey is the destination. I know this is a cliche but again, I have to agree with that one too.


...but WHY?

Firstly, our why was plain and simple weight loss. We did not like the way our bodies looked, we did not feel comfortable, and we did not like how tired we felt all the time. But as time went the 'WHY' outgrew itself in a very unexpected way. And I love that.

Why did I completely change my lifestyle? Why are movement and exercise that important to me now? Why do I concentrate that much on what I eat and drink and how I fuel my body?

Because it makes me feel amazing. It makes me feel great physically and most importantly, it makes me feel great mentally. Things that were unimaginable before comes naturally to me now. The majority of the time I am fueled with energy and I can do things that I just dreamed about before and it always fills me with so much happiness. Of course, there are days where I lack energy and days when I am not motivated and have to think about my reasons and my 'why', but that's part of life. We have to accept worse days so we can then thrive more on our better days.

I have built a factual knowledge of sports and nutrition. I have developed determination and discipline. I have developed habits and routines that first started as going to the gym a few times a week and tracking calories, but now I can use this discipline and determination and apply them in my day-to-day life., what now?

Yeah, so now, I would like to determine this blog to write my thoughts and facts about fitness and nutrition, but I will also write about my day to day life, hacks and hiking adventures.

Well. And what about the coaching? Coaching is something I am working towards for so long now and has been in my mind for a while. I have the knowledge and experience and I would love to help other women to achieve their dreams, their goals and to feel absolutely amazing in their bodies. And I cannot wait to see all those results you all will get! Right now, my coaching is available, and I will tell you more about it in this section.

As I am writing this, I am completing my Level 3 Personal trainer qualification, I am already Level 2 Gym instructor qualified and I am now searching for the right nutrition specialist qualification. In the meantime, I am spending a lot of time self-educating and learning from professionals in the health and fitness industry.

I can now appreciate every wrong decision I made along my journey because without wrong decisions I would not be able to learn what I know now. But you don't have to make the wrong decision. I am here to help you understand every single step you take on your journey to your new habits, whatever your goal or dream is.


Thank you for reading this all and let me know on if you would like to know more about my coaching sessions.

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